Learn to Surf in Middleton – January 2015 Specials

FREE!! Surfboard and Wetsuit Hire (with any full price surf lesson)

Do you think that a 2-hour surf lesson is just not quite long enough?  After your 2-hour lesson, use our equipment for an additional hour – for no extra charge!  You can take off your surf lesson rashie and continue in the surf for an hour.  There is a good chance we will be on the beach having our lunch with our family or enjoying a late afternoon surf.  We may even throw you a tip or two.

This offer is available until the end of January 2015.

Dawn Patrol and Twilight Lessons – Available Now

How would you like to surf early in the morning or late in the afternoon?  Although we think anytime is a good time to surf, first thing in the morning and early in the evening can be some of the best times.  It is often during these times that wind has yet to come up or has dropped off for the night.  If you cruise past the beach, you will see many of the experienced surfers taking advantage of these conditions (and not just because it is either before or after work).  This summer we are offering our normal 10 am and 2 pm lessons but we have also decided to give you the opportunity to learn to surf (or improve your surfing!) at Middleton earlier or later in the day.  We are flexible with times so if you are interested, give us a ring on 0414 341 545 to book in.