About Meg

meg-boys-instagramI grew up in California.  You might imagine that I grew up on the beach but in reality I spent much more time enjoying the mountains. I didn’t learn to surf until I met Dan at the end of 2004.  I had just spent a year working and traveling in New Zealand when I made my way back to South Australia where I had been an exchange student 10 years before.  I was keen to learn something new on my travels and surfing seemed appropriate.  I was 25 years old the first time I stood up on a surfboard and I will NEVER forget it!  My life was changed forever.

Less than a year later, I moved to Australia and became a qualified Level 1 Surf Instructor through Surfing Australia.  (And three years later, Dan and I got married!)  I was slightly overwhelmed at the course sitting among surfers who had been surfing most of their lives.  I still had a lot to learn about surfing but I did know quite a bit 10894929_1525606754384544_1209615869_nabout the teaching (and learning!) process – I studied a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology with an Emphasis in Teaching PE.  My surfing knowledge has increased hugely since I first started.  Like Dan, I love the rush of seeing someone stand up for the first time.  The sense of accomplishment is amazing and it takes me back to that first wave that I caught.

Dan and I now balance teaching surfing with being parents to our two young boys.  We love spending time with them at the beach – they love it as much as we do!


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